Official PEAKMETER PM2108A Digital AC DC Clamp Meter 4000 Counts Capacitance frequency Resistance Earth Tester Multimeter

0.1uf, Wholesale clamp pipe

Electric Bike Display

60m/600v;600m/6/60v. Guangdong,china manland. 1.5v 3aaa battery. Continuity tester buzzer. Lcd size: 39.3 x 26.5mm. 278x104x54mm. 1000v accuracy ±(0.8%+3). Digital clamp meter price. 60.00nf-60.00mf. Alligator clip blank. Dc 9v alkaline batteries (1.5v aa * 6) (not included). Voltmeter clamp. 4v/40v/400v/750v+-1%. 3r3. Min orders. 3000a. Power cranesE125125. 


Ac voltage (v): 0.1~600v±(1.0%+5)Electrical tester voltage. Function 3: 4000uf 400v400mv --- 750v. 1 set. Ac 100ma / 30a / 300a / 3000a ( + / - 3pct reading + 5 ). 2m ω. Ac/dc 6v/60v/600v. Clamp v band. Bm528. -20  to 55c. Current analysis. Diode high voltage. Repair the computer. 0-40 centigrade degrees. 

Voltmeter 50v

-10 to 50 degree. 2000 counts. Negative polarity indication	: 600/6k/60k/600k/6m ohm. Type k thermocouple. Touch 4k. Wholesale 1mohm. -40~100 celsius. Volt mini. 2wheeled electric. 

Voltmeter Mini

Vej60. Features 7: Active power measurement range: Victor 6412. Material: : 30 d. 50hz/500hz/5khz/50khz/100khz. Ut221. -30℃~80℃±1%. Rod detector. 25 x 12 x 6cm. -10c to 50c at 85% max. rh. 1-1000a. 30~1000hz. Ms5203. 0 - 50 c. 

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