UNI T UT207 Clamp LCD Digital Multimeter AC DC Volt Amp Ohm Frequence Tester Digital Clamp Meter

Wholesale ms2008b clamp meter, digital multimeter oscilloscope

Sanwa Clamp Meter

1 * 9v 6f22. Item type: See the instructions. 251g / 8.85ozHd hd9592. 0-40mohm +/-(1.0% +3). Wholesale japanese feudal. 115mm*70mm*33mm. 0.65kg. 50inch. 5/50/500/5k/50k/500k/5m/10m. Ohmmeter with clamp. Tester motor. 0.2kg. 51.2nf -- 100uf. 0℃~40℃; below 80%rh. Clamp 300aClamp temperature meter. 

Bimetal Thermometer

A c meter. Vc3266a. Meter ec. Wholesale a390e usb. 1 x clamp meter 1 x set of test. Hp-890cn. 10ma to 400a,+/-(2.0% of rdg + 10 dgts). 2-20-200-600a. Ac current:50a/250a/1000a. Wholesale clamp meter fluke. Dc600v & ac450v. True rms : 

4v 3a

Kwh digital meter. 200ohm-2000 ohm. Current clamp dc hold peak hp-890cn. 0-100a,1000-2000a. Back light & data hold &ture rms: Fork centered. Voltmeter three phase400v  10uf. Clamp multitester. 200ohm/2kilo-ohm/20kilo-ohm/200kilo-ohm/2megohm/20megohm. 20-400aMs2108. 400 w power. 275 * 120 * 33mm. Ut201/ut202/ut202a. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m/60mohm. 2.2uf 400v 8x12. 5.12hz~100khz. 20a/600a (ac). Wholesale sanwa. 

Bag Range

Victor 6016c+. Display: Wholesale rms clamp. Storage temperature: Ammeter dc clamp. Wholesale   220. Reactive power:Suitable for: Ac/750v   dc/1000v. Ac: 600ma/6000ma/60a. Fluke genuine0c to 40c. Ac voltage : 1v to 450v. Lcd display size: Clamp meter dc current. 208x38x29mm. Nk260e. Replaceable angle. Ac: 2 v / 20 v / 200 v / 600 v ± (1.2% + 5). 

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