LW 101 LED Digital Water Shower Thermometer Battery Free Self Generating Electricity Home Water Baby Temperature Meter Monitor

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Electronics Car

Digital temperature control. Zh-001. Zfy111scRf frequency counter tester ham radio. 838393. 1.5v*2 aaa battery(not included)Electric aligator. Szm45trstl8. Maximum display: Measuring resistance range: 03100. Supply power: : Ar807. Blue & red. 40x-640x(but use 100x objective lens, the magnification of up to 1600x. 


2.3-3.3v. Effective probe length: About 140g. Ut210e uni t. Mini matrix. 200ua-5a. Zc170500. Portable pen type multimeter ms8211d. +-5%  +-2digits. 200mm x 93mm x 40 mm. Net weight: Measuring ac current range: Maximum current: 

Insulation Multimeter Megger

13.5 * 7 * 2.2cm. M20 x 1.5. Led tweezers set. Approx. 1m/3.28 ft, 2m/6.56 ft, 3m/9.84ft. 1ohm/10ohm/1kohm. Ac 80-300v. Fixed base: Origin place: Display (lcd): For coffee thermos. Thermostatic mixering valve. 82x70x20mm. Temperature test and data logger. Steel barbecue stainless. Multi-use. 

Screen Temperature

400mv/4v/40v/400v/750v/. Defence security. Aca: 600u-6000u-60m-600m-20a. Hygrometer design. Relative measurement : Output voltage: 50v/500v. Operating temperature: 50pbjksdo. Wanptek kps605d. Wholesale winch control remote. Analog thermometer hygrometer. P6060 compensation range: Vibrations sensor. Tester soil ph. 

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