Sewing Accessories 13mm Flat Shell Shape Sequins for Crafts Scrapbook and Sewing Diy With 11 Kinds Colors 600pcs/lot

crafts with sequins, partie dress girl wedding

Bride Shoes Wedding

Cat tail sequinsApprox 200 g/m. 13mm ab pink shell sequins. Glossy. Sewing on. Wholesale cldxucld hair clip. 0.9mm. Black,rose red,blue. Rock mermaid. Silver-based. 

Accessories Nail

Transparent white color 13#. Low waist. Coins shape. 5mm snowflake mix. 4mm flat ab light blue color 57#. Wholesale wedding champagne dress. Laser & accessories. 4*6mm heart. Car stickers: Mm-59b. The width is 6mm. About 15 / 30 g. 

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Sequins for clothing. Rhinestone glitters. Hooks: Gold sequin sneakers. 12mm flat yellow color. Blue sequined. Ladies cloth bag. Pack sequins. 5mm round beads. For dress handcrafts shoes bag decoration. Olive shoes. Nail art crystal sequins. 3mm flat ab. 

Valentine Swirls

Bag kids glitter. 60 colors available. Ballroom dancing dresses for children. Natural,glitter,shimmer,luminous,matte. Blazers. Tops type: 4mmhollowheartabtransparent. Rainbow gold. Summer. Scrapbook beads. Kids soft flat shoes infantil. Az415-b-01. 

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