Glasses Type Magnifying Glass with LED Light 20X Magnifier Repair Microscope Tools For Clock Watch Machine Jewelry Repair

150mm acrylic, microscope 2000

Toys Telescope

Compact digital camera. 4-1000m. Red/white. 17.00*15.00*4.50cm. 1000 time and 2000 time. Lab can. Plastic + acrylic. Approx. 1.5m/4.9ft. Mee-200-2. Dimension of objectives: Measuring range: Foot light multi. Vga-180. 510nm 635nm. 

Tool Leather

Lens fresnel. Wholesale laser detectors. 40x22 micro bins. 2.0" ltps 4:3. Biologic microscope stand. 100*35*22 mm. 120x50x29mm. Outdoor/tilt slash function/360 rotary self leveling. Portable reading magnifier 10x. Reference model. Plano. Playing golf. 5.2*7.6*16.2cm. Retinoscopy lens rack set. Led light magnifier handheld. 

Video Night

Sv32 monocular. 3 x aaa batteries(not included). Set clamps. With ultraviolet currency detecting function and flashlight function. Protector scope. Measurer laser. Retail box: Outdoor climbing travelling. Metal, plastic. Distance, area, volume, pythagoras, area of triangle. 120x 50x 30mm. 94m / 1000m. 250*190mm (l*h). Kids microscope. Microscope parts. Approx 8.5" x 3.5". Asi224mc. 

Pocket Microscope 30x

Ruler magnifier. Videoscope microscope. 5p0074b eyepiece fixed diameter: Tc822. Wholesale tactical lights. 30x,60x,90x. 34mm filters. Ac100v-240v. X-cube prism. Rubber eye guard: Military binoculars. Free fixed focus binocular. 400 m. 47 ronins. 

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